As promised, a picture of my new tattoo.
I had the bats done about 2 and a half years ago and always wanted to add to it and get more tattoos, but never really had the money or a clear enough idea of what I wanted. I finally got myself together to take the plunge and had the rose added 2 weeks ago. It took about 3 hours and was rather more painful than I expected, much worse than the bats were! The leopard print was supposed to be done in the same sitting, but a technical hitch meant I needed to book a second appointment. I was a little disappointed not to get it finished but not too much as the pain had really got a bit much. So the second sitting was on Wednesdat when I had the leopard print added. It was supposed to be the end of the process for now, but looks like it’s going to continue. The artist took a picture and is going to work on some ideas for me, and I’m going to do the same. Not actually booked another appointment yet, but would like to get more done before the end of the year. Spreading the cost between multiple sittings has made it seem much less expensive than I expected too :p
Had it done at Dragstrip Tattoo, if you fancy checking them out. Pete Belson did mine, but their new Guy Shakey Pete seems awesome too and they get some really good guest artists in as well.



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