Leaves on the line

Well, I need some sort of excuse for the delay between this post and the last. At least it’s seasonal.
I’m currently suffering from the expense of Christmas shopping. That’s not the expense of buying gifts for my nearest and dearest, but rather the costs associated with finding so much stuff I want for myself.
This year is particularly difficult as I’ve been so very stuck for ideas of things to get people, which makes it all the easier to drift into finding things for myself. As a result of todays perusing, top of my wish list are these:

Animal Print Fur Trapper Hat with Ears and PomPoms, from River Island.

Funtasma Knee High Lace Up Boots, from a variety of locations.

At under £20, the hat is a more realistic buy than the boots at around £40. I am in complete awe of the boots though, which also come in a shorter mid calf version, which I also *want*, but probably in black patent. I could buy the boots preemptively, in the hope that Santa brings me cash, which is really quite likely. Only point for consideration is, I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to walk very far in those stilleto heels :s

Also, in considering my personal spending, impending work Xmas do is likely to require a new dress, and I do love dress shopping 🙂

Ciao for now


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