That Festive Feeling

It’s finally hit me. With all the snow and the ever-present countdown on eBay, Christmas is coming. I’m sure my sister would be glad to hear me say that. Traditionally she’s the sugar-plum fairy spreading Christmas-ness with gusto from the 1st of December and I’m a bit of a bah-humbug type, refusing to acknowledge the holiday season until the last possible moment. So me feeling festive by the 6th is quite impressive. The snow and cold have definitely contributed, and the fact that I’ve got into my crafting again quite heavily and have spent several days creating fancy felt things to hang on the tree. I was quite impressed with them in the end, it’s amazing what you can do with some felt, sequins and PVA glue. They weren’t particularly difficult to make, other than getting covered in glue, which I figure is a small price to pay. I thought about sewing them but glue was easier in the end, might look into using the sewing maching in future for a more professional finish. These are the results…..

HPIM7671 HPIM7665
HPIM7675 HPIM7677

How can that not make you feel festive? Come on! If you’re still resisting then check them out on the tree….


Well I’m impressed. Could maybe do with some lights though. I made far too many for our tiny little tree, so I have some left over which may end up being given away, although that is assuming that other people will want my decorations. If not, I’m thinking of attaching them to some ribbon as a garland to hang above a doorway, then it’s only me and Pete who have to look at them.
I’ve also been doing some baking, making cookies from a new book I purchased. But I’ll save those for another time, there probably is such a thing as too much homely, festive cheer in one post.
Ta Ta,


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