eBay Splurge

So, two days back at work and I’m absolutely knackered, actually to the point where I feel like I’m coming down with something. I’ve spent the past few hours sat on the sofa only semi aware of what has been going on. Reaally fancied doing some crafty stuff but just haven’t had the brain capacity.
So instead I’ve had a little eBay shopping spree. Bought a flamingo shaped cookie cutter, some red sequins, black tutu netting, some silicone bakeware and a couple of plain aprons.

Hmm, not a great quality pic, but you get the idea!

The cookie cutter is just super cute and had to be bought. The sequins and tutu netting are for fascinator making, which I’ve been meaning to start for ages. Silicone bakeware is kind of self explanitory, it includes a round cake tin as I’m bored of making square cakes, they’re just not the same. The plain aprons are to be decorated, one for me and one for my bestest friends birthday, as long as I actually get on and do it rather than faff about it as I do so many other things.
More crafting should mean more posting, provided I use the things I buy :/

Good evening to you,


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