So I’ve been a little busy this week which has prevented me from blogging.
Work has been very hectic, although I am somewhat calmer about it all now, it needs to be done but I can only do so much at one time. I have spent the majority of the week sat in between my printer and 3 huge boxes containing 6000 envelopes. I have spent a fortune on ink and suffered much shoulder related pain from all the loading and unloading of the printer.
I honestly have had very little time for anything else, even windows shopping. Although I did see a pair of coral platform heels on DP 😀 Possibly a well deserved reward for all this hard work.
I did a nice break on Friday for the boys birthday. I did have a meeting in the morning, but once I got home I cooked us brunch, followed by presents then watching DVDs and chinese take away. It was nice to relax and spend some time with him 🙂
I’ll still be pretty busy next week so I don’t know when I’ll be able to write again, I’ll try and make some time.


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