Oreo Cakesters

I recently discovered a shop just 10 minutes walk from my flat that sells a huge variety of American food stuffs and candy. I’m a huge sucker for indulgent treats as it is, but there’s something about American offerings that is so much better than British snacks. Maybe it’s the novelty factor, that these things aren’t in every corner shop, supermarket and petrol station. Maybe it’s the fact that if there’s one thing the Americans know how to do, it’s indulge (often to excess).
I first saw Oreo cakesters on the American Sweets website, by usual source of imported treats, but had never bought any. As I love Oreo biscuits, the idea of a cake version was rather exciting. So when I happened to be passing the shop, and found myself inside, with the cakesters right there by the till, I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity.

They were a little bashed and messy, but so would you be if you’d been shipped across the Atlantic in a box. As much of my baking testifies, presentation is not always my primary concern :p To be brutally honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with the actual product though. The cake wasn’t dry, but it was a bit dense for my liking. No complaints taste wise, the cake tasted convincingly like an Oreo. The cream was the main disappointment, it was a bit thin and just lacking, not what I expected. I suppose I was hoping for something thicker and richer, not neccessarily sweeter, but maybe just of a higher quality than what I actually got. As I say I wasn’t exactly impressed, I see know reason to choose these over an actual Oreo, if you want something a bit more than a standard Oreo, I’d probably suggest a Double Stuff before the cakesters. They’re not bad, and if you don’t have as high expectations as me then you might find them more satisfying, but I won’t be rushing back for more.

Maybe I’ll try making some Oreo theme cupcake, chocolate cupcake cut in half with a layer of thick vanilla buttercream in the middle. Yummy 🙂

Happy eatings,


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