In a large-cat-growling sort of way, not an expression of annoyance.

I accidentally bought a new dress on eBay this evening, a leopard print swing style dress. I say accidentally. I found the dress earlier this afternoon and left the window open for me to make up my mind about later. By the time I remembered to check on it there were only about 45 seconds remaining, and the dress was super cheap at £7.50! In my mini-panic at realising it was about to finish I thought I’d put on a bid, only £8, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be the winning bid. With 5 seconds remaining my bid was made and I was the highest bidder. As it’s only £8 plus p&p it’s not the end of the world, but last minute eBay bidding can get you into trouble and I really shouldn’t do it.

I decided to have a go at some Do-It-Yourself nail art this afternoon. I’ve always loved fancy and elaborate nails, but never been particularly good with nail varnish (usually smudging it while still applying it or chipping it in less than 24 hours) and nail salons are intimidating and expensive, plus I don’t want ridiculous acrylic extensions, just a funky paint job.
Now, my nail varnish collection isn’t exactly extensive, but my assortment of acrylic paints is, so I decided I’d use a nail varnish as my base colour, but apply the design with paint (which is a medium I’m much more comfortable working in anyway). I went for some obvious inspiration, my love of leopard print, pop art and comic books, and this was the result

DSC00078 DSC00074

The base coat in M&S basic nail colour in Plastic Pink. The acrylic paint does show up brush strokes a lot, but a top coat of clear nail varnish makes them less noticable and gives a more nail varnish like finish.
Now these are the pictures of my left hand, which was reasonably easy to do. My right hand was significantly more difficult, but hasn’t worked out too badly considering.
I’m hoping that the acrylic paint and top coat will help prevent too much chipping too soon, but knowing me, it’ll probably be damaged by the end of tomorrow. If it does that’ll just be a good excuse to try something else! Doing my own nail art was fun (and cheap!).

Hope you had a good weekend,


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