Bin Day

I don’t understand people sometimes. I found these four boxes of greetings cards in the recycling bin outside my flat today. I didn’t realise they were boxes of cards at first, I just thought they were pretty, and boxes are always useful for keeping things in!

Now I imagine some of you are probably thinking I’m pretty weird for searching through bins. Well, for a start, I was hardly rifling through the bins in search of goodies, I just happened to come across them while using the bin. Also, I do think people throw away far too much stuff these days. Fair enough, these were in the recycling bin (although the fact that the cards are still in plastic wrappings inside probably means they aren’t recyclable as they are), but reducing waste is always a much more environmentally sound course to take.
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
So I’m actually quite proud of being a bin forager 🙂

Hope you are well


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