Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in Southampton

On Sunday, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair came to Southampton Uni and I went along to check it out. I’m not exactly financially well-off at the moment, so knew I wouldn’t be buying much, no matter how ‘affordable’ it was, but I’ve missed so many fairs and vintage events in recent months that I wasn’t going to let this one pass me by (even I can afford £1 entry, with student card). So I made some vintage outfit effort and headed out.

DSC01471 DSC01463edit

There were so many stalls and people trawling through rails it was a bit overwhelming! If it wasn’t for all the beautiful jewellry on the first stall inside the door, I wouldn’t have known where to start!
All the accessories and jewellery stalls were gathered together just inside the door. They were definitely the busiest single part of the whole fair, I practically had to queue to look at some parts! It’s not surprising really, there was so much great jewellery to see and I probably spent the majority of my time combing over what was on offer. Alongside the handmade, vintage styled jewellery, there were boxes of buttons, old lace, random badges and charms, even a box of old American motel keys.

DSC01473 DSC01478

The jewellery stalls were the only place I actually bought anything. I picked up a super cute birdcage necklace and a new watch necklace, both from Made At The Wishing Well. The stall had so many cute necklaces, I will definitely be checking out their Etsy page when I have more money!
If you’re looking for a watch necklace then vintage fairs seem to be the place to go. There were so many on offer in so many sizes and designs. If I hadn’t already bought the one from Made At The Wishing Well then there was a really cute leopard print one on another stall could have easily gone for.

Although I didn’t buy anything else, I still spent a lot of time looking at the other stalls. The majority of what was on offer were clothes, with some bags, shoes, hats and homewares. There were a lot of jumpers and coats, understandably so, including a lot of fur coats. I must have fawned over and stroked most of them. There was one particularly nice black faux fur coat that I tried on. It was so luxurious and glamourous, and at £25 I had a hard time talking myself out of buying it. It was just too big and I really don’t need another coat, even a cheap and glam faux fur one.

DSC01474 DSC01484DSC01486DSC01479

Charming Magpies from Winchester also had a beautiful faux fur coat. It was purple and pink and so so soft. Unfortunately it was almost twice the price of the black one and I figured as I already have pink hair, a pink and purple fur coat might be a bit much.

There were far too many stalls for me to write about them all, but some of the stand-out ones for me were;

Princes Vintage, with a great selection of chunky knit jumpers on display. Their stall was full of people every time I walked past.

The Cherry Closet, with some lovelyhats. I really love hats, but as they don’t count as essential I had to drag myself away 😦

Thread and Butter with a really cute stall, complete with candles in teacups and a suitcase full of things for £1. I totally loved their business card too, with actual thread wrapped around it!

I had a really good time wandering around and rummaging through the rail. I wasn’t as impressed with what was on offer as I had hoped, but it was still good to look through clothes that aren’t mass produced and available on every high street up and down the country. I guess I had hoped to come across more in the way of absolute bargains. I know as soon as the word ‘vintage’ is applied to something then you’re paying a premium, but I guess as a student my idea of ‘affordable’ isn’t the same as other peoples. If I had have had more money to spend I could easily have come away with more though; it was very hard to walk away from the three piece dressing table set (£30!!).


Hope you’re well,


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