My Cornish Holiday

Greeting Ladies and Gents, have you missed me? Well, I have certainly missed you. The past week and a bit have been very hectic for me, with the return of my boyfriend from 3 months working in the US and then heading straight off for a week in Cornwall. I had intended to do some mobile blogging, or at least tweeting, but I had absolutely no signal in the cottage where we were staying or in most of the places we visited! It was tough, I definitely missed blogging and keeping up with the blogs and tweeters I follow, but managed to have lots of fun to distract myself. In fact, we did so much, and took so many pictures, I think I’m going to have to break this into a couple of posts.

We stayed in a cosy little cottage in the village of Trenale, just outside Tintagel on the northwest Cornish coast. The cottage was really old-fashioned but in a reassuring, quaint way, like your grandma’s house. The location was lovely, so peaceful. There was a large grassed area as part of the cottage grounds, at peak times I expect it’s full of children causing chaos, but while we were there we seemed to be the only people using it. In the evening you could see the sun set out over the Atlantic from there.


Alf guarding our little cottage

P1070879 P1070887

Tintagel town was only about a 20 minute walk from the cottage, down a winding country lane, past fields of cows and horses. It’s only a small town, but has more than its fair share of pubs and cute little shops. My favourite shops had to be Willowmoon, a shop full of witchy type things, like cauldrons and crystal balls, incense and herbs for spells, and Granny Wobbly’s Fudge Pantry, a tiny pink shop crammed full of homemade fudges, cinder toffee, rock and ice cream. I made several visits to Granny Wobbly’s and sampled their vanilla fudge, chocolate fudge and the recipe of the week, lemon meringue, as well as the cinder toffee, sugar mice and fudge crumble ice cream (ice cream topped with whipped cream and fudge pieces!). That must make me sound like a proper fatty, I did gain a couple of pounds over the week, but I was on holiday so it doesn’t matter. Everything I had was really, really good, the fudge was so yummy, rich and creamy and far too easy to eat in a single sitting. The lemon meringue flavour was amazing, lemony fudge with chunks of meringue in it, inspired. For the ice cream, there are other places doing ice cream in Tintagel, and with a greater selection of flavours, but the fudge crumble is pretty special, if you want to indulge even further you can also get hot fudge sauce as well 🙂I ate mine so quickly I didn’t even get to take a picture. If you have a hankering for fudge but don’t fancy travelling all the way down to Tintagel, Granny Wobbly’s have a website where you can order fudge by post!

P1070799 P1080023P1070714 P1070724edit

There must have been at least five pubs in the town, even though it’s really small, and several little cafes. We stopped for drinks in King Arthur’s Arms on a couple of occasions and ate there one evening. We could have taken Alf inside if we wanted, but due to the good weather we ate outside. Pete is a big fan of mead (honey wine/spirit) which seemed to be quite popular in the area, well, moreso than where we live, so he made the most of the ready availability. They had flavoured Mead’s too and I tried a blackcurrant mead one night; it was nice, but really really strong, like a super alcoholic ribenna, went straight to my head. We also stopped for breakfast in Charlie’s cafe one morning, partly just so we could use their WiFi, but also because I was determined not to leave Cornwall without having had a cream tea. Every cafe in the county seemed to do them, but this was my only opportunity to indulge. I got two scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, the scones were warm and smelt so good. It was definitely an amazing yummy breakfast 🙂

I really liked Tintagel town and we spent a lot of time there over the week. Most people we met were really friendly, my hair got a fair amount of  notice and I got some nice compliments and had some nice chats with strangers. One of the great things about the town, and a lot of the other places we visited in Cornwall, was how dog friendly everything was. We got to take Alf in shops and pubs and attractions, it was great that he could be so involved and I think he really enjoyed it. It also meant there were a lot of other dogs around, which he definitely loved, and led to a lot of dog related chats. On Thursday there was a market, which was actually a bit disappointing, not as much in the way of local products or crafts as I had hoped, but there was also a brik-a-brak sale in one of the church halls. There was loads of stuff piled up in the hall, mostly glasswear, china and books. If I’d have let myself I could have spent a lot of time in there, and a reasonable amount of cash. There were sets of four tea cups with saucers for £5! In the end I only came away with a small stein style beer glass for Pete (£1) and two small glass bowls that I thought I could put candles in (£1.50 each). I wish there were more things like that where I live, I love finding random treasures and bargains and things I didn’t even know I wanted!

P1080039 P1070891

Well that’s probably enough of me for now, but I have lots more pictures and stories to be sharing later.

Hope you are well and not suffering too much in this heat!