Movember is something I have been aware of for the past few years, but not really paid much attention to. Until this year that is. Due to our lives being touched by the issue at the centre of the Movember campaign, my boyfriend decided to sacrifice his (almost trademark) beard in the hope of raising some money for the cause.
For those of you who don’t know; Movember is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of male health issues, (primarily prostate and testicular cancer) by encouraging men (and women, I guess) to grow/don a moustache during the month of November. While Pete isn’t strictly following the rules, as he’s not starting clean shaven, given he has had a beard for the entire (nearly) 3 years I have known him, cutting down to a ‘tache is as much of a commitment for him as growing one from scratch. So, this afternoon, he took up residence in the bathroom with a range of shaving equipment and set about cutting.

I didn’t want to be left put

I think he looks rather handsome, but maybe I’m biased 🙂
He’s set up a team on the Movember website, looking to recruit team members and take donations. If any of you felt like sparing a few pennies, the team donation page can be found here. Breast Cancer gets a lot of press, it’s about time male cancers were thought of the same way.
I feel a ‘tache related bake spree coming on……

Hope you are all well,


2 thoughts on “Movember

  1. Yeh, my boy is starting to regret it a bit as he normally has a full beard that doesn't need much maintenance, and now he's having to shave daily to keep the moustache in shape!
    Still, it's all for a good cause.


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