She was a skater girl

Well, I wasn’t actually ever a skater girl. I went through a grungy stage, but bypassed the actual skating.

Anyway, the title actually refers to the skater dress I wore today. I’ve been so busy of late that some of the longer posts I have planned, but I wanted to get something posted, so you’ll have to deal with looking at what I wore today.
I’m still getting used to posting outfits with big pics of myself, and how to photograph myself properly. But, these things take practice.
Dress; Boohoo. Long Sleeve Top; New Look. Belt; eBay, Tights; M&S, Boots; Underground England
I actually bought this dress a while ago, but haven’t got around to wearing it until today. I tried it on as an option for going out on Saturday night, but decided it was more suited to daytime, so I broke it out for work today instead. 
I’ve looked at a lot of skater dresses in recent months; I like how simple they are, easy to style, versatile and with quite full skirts. I bought a couple from Prodigy Red before this one but was disappointed as they were far too short and really tight across my boobs.
However, this one I love. For a start, it’s leopard print, so it’s already scoring highly in my books. The fabric is really nice, it’s soft and has a good weight which makes it great for this time of year and also adds to how nicely the skirt moves. I like that it is still quite feminine but without being too floaty and girly, which isn’t very me and wouldn’t be too appropriate for my work.
The dress is actually sleeveless, so I’m wearing it here with a long sleeve black top underneath to keep out the cold (and because I’m not the biggest fan of my arms). It did come with its own belt, which is thinner than the one I’m wearing here, but I love this belt and wear it whenever I can. The dress is pretty flattering in itself with the way the skater skirt skims my hips and kicks out at the bottom, but the belt just reinforces that with a properly cinched waist. The tights are partly necessity, as while it’s not too cold it’s also not exactly warm, but also personal preference as that much leg would be a bit much at work!
Anyway, that’s enough about me for now.
Hope you are well,

5 thoughts on “She was a skater girl

  1. You've styled this lovely and you're so lucky to be able to have a pixie cut and look amazing with it…the structure of your face suits it so much – beautiful

    Eda ♥


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