Just thought I’d put up a post of pictures of my Christmas day. We were with Pete’s parents this year and had a lovely time, we were both thoroughly spoiled inn terms of food, drink and presents.

My Christmas make-up and Festive necklace from Clutterfly
Festive Puppy
Christmas table
So many presents under the tree!
Fluffy leopard print hot water bottle from Pete’s parents
Me with rum from Pete’s parents. Pete with whiskey from my parents
Decked out in my new leopard print dressing gown from my parents, faux fur tippet and headband crocheted by my mum
Hand crocheted headband from Mum
Books from Pete’s parents and my parents
Betty licence plate from my parents
Cath Kidston mug from my parents
Alf wants his present

Hope you all had a lovely and relaxing time πŸ™‚


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