Under the Weather: WIWWIWI

Well, there has certainly been a lot of weather to be under during the past few days. I hope you are all well and haven’t suffered too much in the recent strong winds.
Anyway, I’m not actually here to write about the weather. Unfortunately, my year has got off to a bit of a crumby start, and I’ve been laid up with a nasty cold since the 2nd ūüė¶ My throat hurts, my head hurts, my sinuses are blocked, my ears are blocked and my nose is all runny and sore. Generally, I’m feeling rather sorry for myself.
Needless to say, I’m not up to much in the way of blogging at the moment, but hope to resume normal service soon.
As way of an excuse for blogging about my illness, I shall also include What I Wore When I Was Ill (WIWWIWI….???).

Today I have given in and taken to the sofa with my duvet, wearing my PJs, new leopard print dressing gown (M&S) and my leopard print trapper hat (River Island) to keep my ears warm. I haven’t put any make-up on or brushed my hair.¬†Suffice to say, I look like some kind of¬†children’s¬†entertainer having a mental breakdown.

Hope the lurgy hasn’t got you too,


5 thoughts on “Under the Weather: WIWWIWI

  1. Hope you're feeling better- this is basically my ideal outfit! I spend my evenings and weekends tucked up in my pyjamas, slippers and onesie whether I'm ill or not!xxx


  2. Aww, thanks ladies!
    I'm just about starting to feel better now. The dressing gown has been perfect for wrapping up in, it'll feel a bit weird when I'm better and should start wearing proper clothes again :/


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