Spring: Blossoms and Sunshine

Well, the weather over the weekend was actually quite crazy.
Saturday was a lovely day, despite the weather forecast. I went out walking in the New Forest with my dog and two good friends. There was a bit of a breeze but the sun was out and I didn’t even take a coat!
Sunday, was a completely different story. It was rainy and cold, at one point it even tried snowing, but it was far too wet for anything to come of it. However, by five o’clock it had cleared up so, even though it was still pretty cold, Pete and I decided to take Alf out for a walk and I took my camera along too.
The sun was setting behind a pretty blossomed cherry tree in the graveyard as we walked through which caught my eye.

I’m really enjoying this transition period between winter and spring, and not just because it’s (mostly) getting a bit warmer. I like the lighter evenings, the brighter sunshine, the colours of the sunsets, and the promise of being able to wear shorts and lighter tops, maybe even a dress again!

Hope you had a good weekend, whatever your weather!


4 thoughts on “Spring: Blossoms and Sunshine

  1. Haha, well we weren't exactly hanging out in the cemetery. The route from our house to the local park to walk the dog takes us through there, it's really old and not really used anymore. It's very peaceful and has so much wildlife.


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