Night in a Cheap Motel

Sorry to disappoint, but this is just a post about a dress. The dress I wore out to dinner with my boyfriend on Saturday night.
It’s the Motel Belinda Dress in Leopard, that I picked up on while it was on sale with the addition of student discount an free delivery. A very cheap Motel (dress) indeed.
I love the dress in its own right, but love it even more because it’s a Small, it fits me and makes me look super slim (even when I’ve eaten way more than I should have done!).
I didn’t want to over dress it, so just wore it with black tights (thermal as it was a reasonably cold night), my favourite black heels (because they’re versatile and easy to walk in). a black belt and my lovely silver locket (present from the boyfriend).

Motel also do a playsuit in the same fabric, which I really want – hopefully it’ll still be available when I have enough money for it!

Anyone else pick up any bargains lately? Or invest in something not so cheap?


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