The Adventures of Aslan the Lion Dog

Not a Narnia story I’m afraid, but a post about how my boyfriend Pete and I rescued a stray Chow-Chow in our local park.

It was while we were walking our own dog Alf when we first saw the Lion Dog. He was so furry and looked so much like a lion it was hard not to notice him. He wandered past us and continued on down the path, and it quickly became clear that there wasn’t anyone with him. Both Pete and I are great animal lovers, and Pete is a bit of a dog expert (having studied wolves for years and working at our local Blue Cross rescue centre), so we decided we should follow and get hold of the Lion Dog as no-one else seemed to care that he was clearly alone.


Unfortunately, it turns out Chow-Chows are naturally suspicious of strangers, which made getting hold of him quite a task. We must have pursued him for 20 or 30 minutes before he began to get too hot and tired to keep ahead of us. Alf wasn’t massively helpful either, as every time we got near Aslan (as Lion Dog came to be known) he would try and rush at him to play/defend us and scare him off. Eventually, he did give up and sat down in a really muddy ditch to cool down.
I held Alf a good distance away while Pete approached Aslan to get hold of him and read his collar. Aslan was still a bit wary, but eventually let Pete take hold of him collar and read his tag. We rang both numbers on the tag with no answer, but left messages to let the owner know we had found their dog. We did consider phoning the local Dog Warden, but instead felt it would be better to keep Aslan with us and take him home until his owner got in touch. As we don’t generally carry a spare lead, we put Aslan on Alf’s lead and I used my studded belt looped through Alf’s harness to walk him. We must have looked pretty ridiculous :/
We got Aslan back to our flat and tried washing him down a bit in the garden, as he had got quite a lot of mud in his lovely long fur. Fortunately it was a nice day so we stayed outside with the dogs as our flat isn’t huge and Aslan was a pretty big dog. Alf wasn’t too sure he liked having a new big dog on his property, but coped pretty well all-in-all. The owner rang us back a bit after 5pm after she finished work. She was quite flustered as our message was the first she knew of her dog having wandered off. He had clearly escaped from the back garden where he had been left.
Turns out his name was actually Bailey, but I still prefer Aslan.

009 011


He was a beautiful dog, and very friendly once he knew we were ok. I kinda missed him after he had gone. Although, I am glad Alf is only small, a dog that big would take some getting used to – he almost pulled me over on a few occasions. He was a bit slobbery too, which I wasn’t a fan of, my jeans went straight in the wash :/ And all that hair! I have enough trouble coping with mine, I’d hate to think how much care that mighty mane would need.
Alf was definitely glad when Aslan had gone. Jealous little pup 🙂

A few days afterwards, Emma, Bailey/Aslan’s owner, came round with a bottle of wine, huge box of Thornton’s chocolates and a toy and some treats for Alf, to say thank you. While we really didn’t do it for any reward, I wasn’t going to turn down chocolate! Maybe we should rescue dogs more often….



2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Aslan the Lion Dog

  1. So glad he got back to his owner. He looks like a really lovely dog, but I know hat you mean, I couldn't be doing with all of that slobbering! You definitely deserve the wine and chocs after that pursuit.


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