Mud and Science

On Friday, my boyfriend Pete, our dog Alf and I took a trip into the New Forest. We’re not big fans of places that are overrun with other people, so we thought we’d get out on Friday to avoid the bank holiday weekend. 

Pete had brought a VHF tracking collar back from his work in Croatia, the kind of thing they put on wild animals to track their movements, and we took that out with us to test. We put it on Alf for a bit to check it worked, he looked quite cute and didn’t seem to mind having it on.
We walked  by the river, had a picnic and saw a New Forest pony and her foal. Alf isn’t always too sure of water (bless), but as it was so warm he was happily running around in the water, where it was shallow anyway. Unfortunately, at one point he confused a big patch of mud for solid ground, and got almost completely coated in mud :/
New Forest
Gnarly roots
Pete talking Alf through how the collar works
Alf contributing to science
Pony and Foal
Very Muddy Puppy
Other than this day out I haven’t done anything else even vaguely celebratory this weekend; I’ve been all work, work, work. No rest for the wicked.
Hope you have had a good long weekend.

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