Blog Design

A few days ago I came across a video tutorial on the basics of awesome blog design by Something Swanky,  and I’m so glad I did.

As you can probably see I’ve already started playing around with some of what I learnt and have added a new header and menu bar – (not all of it is fully functional yet as some of it is for new content I haven’t created yet!). I’m going to try and not go too overboard with graphics and constantly changing my design, but there are so many options that I’m getting a little carried away with all the possibilities and trying to create the perfect look for what I want my blog to be (it’s kind of a good thing I don’t have a job at the moment!).

Now most blogs I read already look absolutely amazing and professional, so I may be the last one to the blog design party – but I thought I’d share some of the tools I’ve learnt about so that you can have a play too if you aren’t already.

  • PicMonkey – great user-friendly photo and image editing software with an awesome range of fonts, colours and overlays
  • Image Maps – an online tool for mapping links onto an image, I used this to create the links in my new header – it does all the html for those of us who aren’t fully html literate (I’m learning, but I’m not great)
I hope you like the new look, and that I don’t annoy you all too much with graphic overload! I have plenty to be posting about now I’ve got past my week of job interviews (I didn’t get the job, but have another very promising opportunity on the horizon, so I’m not too upset about it).
Hope you all have a great weekend, despite the weather,

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