Sugar & Vice

A few weeks ago I discovered Sugar & Vice, a great company designing and creating awesome laser-cut acrylic and wood jewellery.

I’m a big fan of acrylic jewellery anyway and I kinda knew I was going to love their stuff as soon as I saw their Twitter profile picture of their Magpie Necklace! Looking through their website it was really hard to not seriously splurge, but I managed to limit myself to just the necklace (which I bought myself as a reward for having handed in my thesis).


I absolutely love it! Magpies are probably one of my favourite birds, I think they’re absolutely beautiful and so is this necklace. I’m really sad I haven’t been able to wear it yet as it’s been so cold and I’ve been so wrapped up it would just be wasted!

As I’m super-broke at the moment, the thought of buying anything more from Sugar & Vice (or anywhere else for that matter) is nothing more than a fantasy at the moment – but that doesn’t stop a girl making a wish list (or wish collage in this case).

SugarVice Watermark Collage

Clockwise from Top Left:
They have a great range of designs and I think most people would find something that catches their eye – from skulls, to unicorns, hearts, food, Russian Dolls, Roller Derby and Heavy Metal. I would really recommend checking out their website, especially as over the Easter weekend they have 15% off everything! It’s not a discount code, just a discount on all their items – I really wish I had the surplus cash to justify a purchase but at the moment I’d be giving up a day or two of food :/
Hope you are all well and enjoying the long weekend,

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