Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans

Life might happen while you’re making other plans, but blogging certainly doesn’t. Once again, I am very sorry for my recent – unplanned – absence.

April has been a really mixed-up and pretty busy month for me and for Pete.

Despite starting to apply for jobs back in September or October  last year, before I even finished my thesis, I am still jobless. Lack of a job, lack of available funds and having to attend the Job Centre for help has all been getting me down quite a lot.
I’ve had a couple of what seemed like quite good job prospects. I had one interview that went well but I didn’t get the job in the end as other applicants had more appropriate experience. Another good possibility has recently been taken off the cards due to lack of funding. Along with losing these possibilities, we’ve had to give-up on the prospect of moving – either out of our flat or even to a new city – at least for the time being. That’s been hard as the prospect of moving was quite a big part of what was keeping me going.
All of this combined hasn’t helped in keeping me hopeful or motivated to do, well, anything really.

I have had to try and keep my motivation up as best as possible though, as April was also a pretty important month – I had my PhD Viva – the big, final, oral examination on your thesis where two academics quiz you on what you did and why. It was an absolutely awful prospect, even the thought of preparing was scary, the day itself was terrifying  – absolutely stomach-churning, wobbly-knees, cold-sweats terrifying. Technically, I could have failed and come away from 4 years of study with nothing!
Thankfully it all went well. I was sat in the room with my examiners for nearly three and a half hours discussing my work, but they seemed to like it and I managed to answer all their questions pretty well. So, having got through that, with the exception of a few corrections, for all intents and purposes I am now a Doctor!

Since my viva I’ve been keeping on with job applications and making a start on my corrections, but, despite the great news of passing my PhD, I haven’t exactly been feeling great because of everything else on my mind.

In amongst all the planning moves, changing plans, applying for random jobs and tightening budgets, things might actually be starting to look up – Pete has just got himself a new, full time job, starting on Monday. It will mean him being away Monday to Friday for the next few months but means we’ll have more money coming in and we won’t be going to the Job Centre anymore.
For me, I’ve just got to keep working on my corrections and applying for jobs but also try and keep my mood up. Hopefully I can manage to get back to posting more regularly again.

Thanks for bearing with me,




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