A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Nearly two months ago now (that’s how bad I’ve got at keeping up with posting), I met up with some of my old university friends in London to go for afternoon tea. We had a good look around on the internet for places to go before we came across the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson and our decision was made for us!

The Sanderson Hotel is actually really unassuming from the outside, so much so that we did almost walk right past it. Inside the foyer is filled with a very interesting selection of furniture – a giant lip shaped sofa, chairs with horns, chairs that look like Masai Mara carvings and something that looked distinctly like a space age coffin.

While there is a lot of outside seating as part of the restaurant we were taken to an indoor table. Whilst the outside looked lovely I wasn’t personally disappointed at being indoors as at the time (early June) the weather was still a little on the cool side. The table was beautifully set with specially designed Alice in Wonderland themed crockery, the menu inside an old book and sugar lumps in a working music box complete with twirling ballerina.

012 015

First, we got to choose from a selection of teas – Strawberries & Cream, Mint Chocolate, Rhubarb & Custard and Green. The teas were all loose leaf and were brought round in small bottles that I suspect were old perfume bottles, they even smelt amazing just in the bottles. I went for the Mint Chocolate. It was very yummy (and came in a King of Hearts teapot).

016 017

After some tea and much needed catching up we were presented with our afternoon tea treats, presented on a three tier cake stand that matched the designs of the rest of the crockery (I think you can also buy the crockery from the designers Luna & Curious).
The selection included sandwiches, sweet and savoury scones, mango cheesecake, mini Victoria sponge, green tea mousse, marshmallow mushrooms, carrot shaped meringues and a ‘Drink Me’ potion that consisted of a passion fruit coulis and panna cotta.

020 Afternoon Tea Collage

The food was all beautiful, but too be honest I think there was actually a bit too much and (although I never thought I’d say it) there might have been too many sweet things compared to the savoury.
The sandwiches and both the sweet and savoury scones were great, and I really liked the Victoria sponge (decorated like a pocket watch) and the marshmallow mushrooms. I loved the coloured stripes decorating the mango cheesecake, but it was actually much too big and not the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. The green tea mousse was interesting, but not quite to my taste really.

Then all this was followed by a ‘Jelly Wonderland’ – a selection of jellies on a trolley. They were good jellies especially the Apple one and the Blackcurrant one, but I was too full to properly enjoy them. Also, in my opinion, four jellies does not a wonderland make.


I had a lovely day meeting up with my girls, and I certainly felt quite special and a bit fancy having proper afternoon tea in a London hotel. I love afternoon tea and will definitely do it again, whether in London or somewhere else, but I won’t rush back to The Sanderson for the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea, unless I know someone who really wants to experience it. The theme is a great novelty that clearly draws a lot of people in, if it appeals to you then you should give it a go, but I think I’d like to try some different places, themed or unthemed (I’m pretty sure somewhere in London does a Peter Pan themed afternoon tea).
040 038

Has anyone else been for Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea? Or have anywhere to recommend for their afternoon tea?

Thank You for still reading,





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