2014 Ambitions

All-in-all, 2013 was a bit of a wash-out of a year for me. It wasn’t all bad, I finished my PhD, we moved to Wales and I started my first proper job (and got my first proper pay-cheque). But, over the course of twelve whole months those are pretty much the only highlights. Being unemployed for more than six months, having to move in with my parents and leaving my WI are amongst the most significant lows – oh and reaching a new personal maximum weight 😦

I’m feeling pretty low right now – which isn’t exactly surprising, I dislike New Years at the best of times. However, in the interests of taking positive steps towards lifting my mood, and also to keep reasonably regular blogging up, I wanted to include a list of my 2014 ambitions (not resolutions).

Also, I really want to crochet this…..

AllAboutAmi Dragon
Photo from All About Ami

And pretty much everything else on All About Ami. You can find the pattern from the dragon here or have a look around at all the great designs at allaboutami.com.

I hope you are all coping better with this time of year than I am and I wish you all the best for any resolutions or ambitions you might have for 2014.




Watching: New Sherlock and Arrow Season 1

Reading: Anno Dracula by Kim Newman and Fatale graphic novels

Listening to: Woman’s Hour podcasts and Freakonomics podcasts

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