Our House

For those of you who don’t already know – We bought a house!

Things have been pretty hectic these past few months with viewings, meetings with banks, dealing with solicitors, packing and budgeting. We finally moved in just under a month ago but it still doesn’t always feel real.

The place needs some care and attention – some of which we can do ourselves and some of which requires tradespeople (I don’t want to say tradesmen, although, in truth, they have all been men).
I am really loving having our own place again (not that I don’t love my parents), partly for the personal space but also for all the possibilities of making the place our own – you just can’t do that properly in rented places.

So far I’ve done a lot in the garden to make the most of the good weather we’ve (mostly) been having. Decorating is going to have to wait a while until we get some of the messier jobs like rewiring done.

I don’t want to bore you all to death with house posts, but I’ll just be glad if I’m posting regularly again, at least for a while – it’s not like I haven’t had things I’ve wanted to write about, it’s really just been a time issue. Between the house stuff and now having a really proper job I’m just really tired most of the time 😦

If you want to keep up with what’s going in, even if I don’t get back to posting properly, you can follow me on Twitter, check out my Instagram, like my blog page on Facebook or have a look at my boards on Pinterest.



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