A night at the movies: Suicide Squad

I had been quite excited about the release of Suicide Squad. Although I wasn’t super familiar with most of the characters I am generally a big fan of DC and have really enjoyed a lot of the recent TV adaptations like Gotham and Arrow. Whilst the trailers and hype prior to release seemed promising, I was aware of the bad reviews before I went to see it, so I didn’t exactly have high hopes.

Unfortunately it really wasn’t that good. It wasn’t utterly terrible,  I was still entertained, but it just didn’t quite live up to expectations of its potential.

My first impression was that it was a serious case of style over substance – as a series of stills and short bio the characters look interesting, but the movie never really got chance to develop them beyond that – a consequence of trying to introduce so many ‘new’ characters whilst also trying to have a background story to follow. It was clear that some members of the squad really were just there as place fillers, with only Harley,  Deadshot and, to a lesser extent, El Diablo getting anything like any background. To be honest, I think Will Smith’s Deadshot actually stole the show for me as the best character in terms of performance and development.

Harley is a whole other issue that I don’t think I can fully get into here without it becoming a fully fledged essay on women and comicbooks. I’ll try and keep it brief by saying that there was so much potential to take the character and do great things, and that opportunity was thoroughly wasted and sold down the river in a pair of sequined hotpants. The more I think about it, the more I hate those shorts and everything represent.

I won’t say much about the storyline partly to avoid spoilers and partly because there wasn’t much of a storyline to comment on. The first half was a whirlwind introduction that built up to the ‘big problem’ at break neck speed – a serious case of ‘well, that escalated quickly’. In the second half, a good chunk of the time I genuinely didn’t even know what the purpose of the mission was. 

Oh yeah, and The Joker, whose appearances were about as random and as frequent as that. Shame, I was looking forward to Jared Leto’s interpretation.

On the whole, it was a nice evening out, but I’m very glad we got the tickets on 2 for 1. And I did get ice cream 😁

Hope you’re all doing well. I’m off for an early night to try and help me get through the rest of the week without crying!





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