They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

When I started blogging I very deliberately avoided including almost anything about my ‘day job’ (except this post, titled ‘My Day Job’ – go figure). At the time I was a PhD student and started blogging specifically in order to escape what was an increasingly stressful and unenjoyable project which would have been of very, very limited interest to anyone else – so it made sense to just not mention it.

Now, nearly four and half years since completing my PhD, I work as a Sustainability professional which is a role I thoroughly enjoy and which is, actually, so much more than just a job, being a direct reflection of my personal principles, wider passions and general way of life. As such, I have been wanting to bring my interests in sustainability and sustainable living into my blog for a long time but have been a slightly unsure of whether I can integrate it alongside my other (sporadic) content. I also don’t like just jumping straight into something completely different without some kind of explanation – hence this post!

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If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘Sustainability’ is basically about ensuring that current generations leave the world (including the environment, society and the economy) in a state that allows future generations to live as good a life, if not a better life, than at present. My own background is very much focussed on the environment and my work and personal interests are largely concerned with minimising the impact of people and society on the natural environment.

I have a few topics in mind that I hope will be both interesting for me to write about, and for you to read, all without being eco-preachy or greener-than-thou – I’m not claiming to be perfect, I’m just trying to do my best! In the mean time, you can revisit a very old post I wrote about ethical make-up brushes if you want a taste of what may be on the horizon – Brush with Greatness.


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