#PaperHaul Box 3 – The Bird Box

I am a bad, bad blogger. Bad. Bad. Bad.
This post should have been up a looooong time ago – I’ve just been so busy and so tired that pretty much everything has fallen by the wayside, and I’m sorry.

I am especially sorry because I have really been wanting to share this with you – the third #PaperHaul box, which I have chosen to call The Bird Box.

This is definitely my favourite #PaperHaul so far.
I love birds and bird imagery, so the theme was perfect for me. Even if I wasn’t already thrilled with the theme, the contents are so pretty I defy anyone not to love it.

As with the other #PaperHaul boxes, the contents are a mixture of postcards, cards, pretty papers, tags and stickers along with a washi tape. The washi tape in this box is truly beautiful, with its colourful birds on wire silhouette, I’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of it and will probably have to track the design down so I can get more!

Some of the things in the box are so pretty that I can’t actually decide if I want to use them and send them to people or keep them for myself. I’m considering framing the black wing print card, even though I can think of someone it would be perfect to send to – is that selfish?

The papers are also my favourite of all the designs I have received. I love the retro kitsch flamingoes, and the colours of the peacock feather design are so lovely (my poor lighting and deficient photography skills do the colours absolutely no justice). I’ve recently started following a lot of Journalling/Scapbooking type people on Instagram and I really want to give scrapbooking a go. These papers would be great for that, if I can get over the fact that all I really want to do is look at them!

The pigeon stickers and little notecards are lots of fun. I love the idea of sending the little notecards to people out of the blue, just because I like to think it would put a smile on their face.
I currently have two penpals, one in the US and one in Paris, so having a supply of cards and pretty things to send is very useful, plus the things you get in a #PaperHaul box aren’t your bog-standard, mass-produced supermarket cards that are both common and naff (#judegemental).

I can’t even imagine how much work goes into putting these boxes together around a theme, but I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far and am very much looking forward to my next box.

Have you signed up to #PaperHaul yet? If not, you can find out more on their website here. The boxes are monthly and cost £10 + p&p.
If you’re a beady sort of person then there is a new #beadhaul box launching soon – find out more here.

Hope you are all well,



NB. I have received a discount on the box price as a reviewing blogger

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Weekend Catch-up

I haven’t been feeling quite myself this past week. From time to time my stomach decides to throw a bit of a hissy fit and leaves me feeling bloated and nauseated – and this week has been one of those times 😦
So I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself and not been getting up to as much as I would have liked.

It’s been especially frustrating as I have (finally) got myself a job, which starts a week on Monday, so I had been hoping to make the most of my last weeks of freedom.
I’m going to be working for the local University, engaging with local companies who have been involved in a University project to find out the benefits they got out of working with the Uni. It’s actually only a three month contract to start with, with the possibility of extension, but it’s definitely the best (only) offer I’ve had all year!
It’s sounds like a really interesting role, but on of the best things (other than getting paid) is that it’s only a five minute walk away from the house 🙂
It’s also been an excuse to do some clothes shopping, which I haven’t really been able to do for a long time as I haven’t had an income. Even though it was only work clothes it was still nice to be able to treat myself. I mostly bought trousers as I have tops that are work appropriate but the only trousers I really have are jeans that I obviously can’t get away with in an office. I might get around to taking some photos for you to see when I’m feeling less bloated and obese.

It has got rather cold here as well this week – so as well as being ill I’ve been staying inside to avoid the cold. I’m hoping the office where I’ll be working has got good heating :/
The cold isn’t all bad though as it means we get to put the fire on and get snuggled up in a blanket. The animals (cat and dog) are definitely on board with that plan too- they’re either trying to psych each other off of my blanket or spreading themselves out in front of the fire. They aren’t the best of friend, but their mutual love of warmth had brought them closer together than ever these past few days.


I’ve also been doing quite a lot of crochet again, it’s a good snuggly winter evening activity 🙂 I’ve been working on some animal xmas baubles that are quite easy but super cute. The pattern is an original design by All About Ami which you can find here, there are also loads of other great designs and helpful hints and tips all really well illustrated with photos.


I’m on my own this evening as the parents are away in Vietnam and Pete is out seeing a friend who has come up to climb in Snowdonia. Evenings on your own only mean one thing – personal indulgence 🙂 Not wanting to tempt fate, but my stomach is feeling the best it has done in 2 days, so I might go and treat myself to a mug cake!

Hope you are all well,