Old Spitalfields Market Pop-Up Vintage Fashion Show

On Saturday, I made the trip up to London to take part in a vintage fashion show for Pop-Up Vintage Fairs and Old Spitalfields Market.

It was a pretty early start for me, having to be up, ready and out of the house in time to catch a train at 8am, much earlier than I’m usually up, especially on a Saturday! At least the tiredness distracted me a bit from how nervous I was! Having never been to Old Spitalfields Market, met any of the other great bloggers who had been invited or styled anyone other than myself, I was pretty terrified.

I managed to get myself to the market and met up with Jayne J Read of Jayne’s Kitschen and ReeRee Rockette of Rockalily. It was lovely to meet both the ladies, as I’ve often chatted with them on Twitter but haven’t had opportunity to meet up with them before. Needless to say, they’re both lovely!
After a bit of a chat we got shown to the stalls that were taking part to have a look at what was on offer. We were each to be assigned a model and a stall from which to put together two outfits for the catwalk show.

I got to work with the lovely Cat and picked outfits from Vintage Glitz N Bitz, with shoes from Rock on Ruby Vintage. I unintentionally ended up putting together two 70’s outfits – not a decade I normally go for, but the items just all came together that way and I was really happy with how it all turned out.
Candy Pout did a great job on the hair and make-up for all of the models.

Dress and Coat

Outfit 1
An orange shirt dress under a brown suede coat with fur collar and tan suede boots.
At first I wasn’t totally convinced by the tan boots, but they grew on me and I ended up very happy with the outfit.

Floaty Dress

Outfit 2
Dress with white, heavily beaded bodice and pale aqua chiffon skirt with white stiletto shoes

Cat was a brilliant model and totally worked it on the catwalk, as you can see in the gif below (created by the lovely Skin and Blisters – check her blog out!).


The other bloggers also put together some gorgeous outfits (apologies for the quality of some of the pictures, it’s very hard to photograph moving models!). All the ladies were great and very stylish, you should check their blogs out!

Styled by ReeRee Rockette

ReeRee outfits

Styled by Jayne J Read

Jayne Outfits

Styled by Alison Tang

Alison Outfits

Styled by Sarah Ruppin

Sarah Outfits

As well as the catwalk shows there were performances from Swing Patrol dancers. I got involved and did a bit of dancing too, although my friends were totally resistant, one of the dance group members was on hand to be my partner. It was loads of fun, everyone else totally missed out by not joining in!

046 049


I had a brilliant day, even if it was a bit exhausting. I hung around the market with some of my old uni friends for the rest of the day, exploring all the stalls. If you’ve never been to Old Spitalfields Market I really recommend you do, there are so many great stalls selling brilliant handmade items by some very talented crafts-people. If I’d have had the money I could have bought a lot of stuff! In the end all I did get was a new watch necklace for ┬ú5 and some cupcakes from Flavourtown bakery – which were so good they’re going to get their own post ­čÖé

I wish I had the money to get up to London more often.

Hope you all had a good weekend.





Night in a Cheap Motel

Sorry to disappoint, but this is just a post about a dress. The dress I wore out to dinner with my boyfriend on Saturday night.
It’s the Motel Belinda Dress in Leopard, that I picked up on asos.com while it was on sale with the addition of student discount an free delivery. A very cheap Motel (dress) indeed.
I love the dress in its own right, but love it even more because it’s a Small, it fits me and makes me look super slim (even when I’ve eaten way more than I should have done!).
I didn’t want to over dress it, so just wore it with black tights (thermal as it was a reasonably cold night), my favourite black heels (because they’re versatile and easy to walk in). a black belt and my lovely silver locket (present from the boyfriend).

Motel also do a playsuit in the same fabric, which I really want – hopefully it’ll still be available when I have enough money for it!

Anyone else pick up any bargains lately? Or invest in something not so cheap?


ZOMG Lipstick Launch Bloggers’ Party

Beware, some parts of this blog may not be suitable for work, but should you really be reading blogs at work anyway? :p

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent again. I was working so hard last week as I’ve still got so much work to get through and I wanted to make sure I’d done enough to allow myself some time off to head up to London yesterday for the ZOMG Bloggers’ Bash! An event run in honour of the new ZOMG lipstick created by Zozo of The London Lipgloss (awesome blogger) and ReeRee Rockette, the genius behind Rockalily Lipsticks (fantastic lipstick range).
I wasn’t one of the ones specially selected and invited, but I got myself on the waiting list and found an invite drop into my inbox about 2 weeks ago. I was really excited. Ok, I was pretty nervous too but mostly excited, especially looking at the fabulous list of other bloggers who were already attending ­čÖé

I spent ages worrying about my outfit. As I’ve already mentioned, I have been working on making a dress and hoped to wear that. I finally got all the pieces sewn together by the Saturday but didn’t try it on until the Sunday, and unfortunately it needed adjustments that I just didn’t have time to do ­čśŽ So, in a little bit of a last minute panic, I raided my wardrobe and found a lovely royal blue dress that I haven’t worn in years and had almost forgotten I had! It fitted all my requirements; smart in a glamorous sort of way, sleeves to keep out the cold (and cover up my nasty arms) and a good length so I didn’t feel too exposed while wandering around London on my own. Plus, when I paired it with my awesome fur collar/scarf that I got for Christmas, it had a nice sort-of-vintage feel, and I had shoes that matched ­čÖé

I kept my make-up pretty simple. Just my usual black flicked eyeliner and mascara with a neutral lipgloss on my lips. I know it was a lipstick launch and it felt a bit strange to go not wearing any, but I just wasn’t convinced that I had a colour of lipstick that would be suitable with the blue of the dress :/

I headed into London all by myself, which was nerve wracking enough on it’s own! Once I arrived at Paddington I made a brief stop at Krispy Kreme to gather my composure and get some sugar inside me. They have just launched their new Valentines themed donuts; I had the Double Chocolate Cheesecake heart shaped donut, but there is also a White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake version.

Anyway, after that little distraction I made my way to the tube and then onto the venue; The Distillers Pub in West Smithfield. It was a great venue actually, deceptively big, so it held a lot of people whilst still feeling quite small and friendly. The decor was awesome, with a beautifully papered ceiling, uber glam┬áchandeliers┬áand a big sweeping staircase! Although, as I say, it was bigger than it looked, the place was still packed out with bloggers, chatting, drinking and getting involved in all the activities. I grabbed my name badge, made a guess at the number of lip shaped sweets in the jar (in the end I was WAY out) and picked up my ‘bloggers bingo card’.
There was a whole range of activities going on, including vintage hair styling, cupcake decorating, hats from Little Miss B and wigs from Wonderland Wigs to try on and mess around with! The crowd was really eclectic, which was nice, with lots of vintage and rockabilly styled ladies and some beautiful hair and clothes! As much as there were some beautiful more mainstream fashions on display, I do love the rockabilly look.
At first I felt very out of my depth. I arrived only about 5 minutes after the start time, but the whole place was already in full swing and everyone seemed to have already grabbed someone to talk to! I wandered around a bit like a lost child for a good while before I decided to head for the bar! One large glass of house white, £4.95, not too bad for London.
Eventually, I found my feet and got talking to some people, thanks to the bingo card! The idea was to meet people who fitted various criteria on your card, like ‘Someone who has their name in their blog name’ or ‘Someone who publishes using WordPress’. Then you put their name in the box and when you had completed two lines you put your card into a draw to win prizes! Brilliant idea in my book ­čÖé
As I grew in confidence I found myself talking to more and more people and met some great ladies, including Bethany of Arched Eyebrow, Annie from EpiphannieA, Camille from Camille Over the Rainbow, Jennie from Fancy Dresscapades, L from Good Morning Angel, Amy from L’Amour Et La Mariage┬áand Lexi, the lady behind Rockabetty Studios┬áas well as meeting up with Aimee from Dream In Colour who I had already met at the Xmas Bloggers Bash in Bristol. Honestly, I don’t think I could have got chatting to a nicer group of ladies anywhere else in the world, with such varied styles, backgrounds and careers, but a shared love of clothes, make-up and blogging. It was especially nice to find a fellow scientist in Jennie and to meet Lexi as I’ve followed Rockabetty Studios on Facebook for ages and think their pin-up photography is amazing (when I can afford it I am totally doing it!). In the end I had such a good time chatting that I took hardly any photos, hopefully other people have and I will be able to link to those.
Later in the evening there was also a couple of burlesque performances from Rubyyy Jones (**NSFW**) and Banbury Cross (**NSFW**). They were both beautiful and put on great, but very different performances. Rubyyy had quite a modern and comical routine based around talking to a man online and stripping on webcam for him, while Banbury had a more classical burlesque strip-tease that fitted perfectly with her stunning Marilyn Monroe looks. I’ve never seen a live burlesque performance before but I was blown away by the confidence of these ladies!

Clockwise from top left; Rockalily Lipsticks, Chandelier, Vintage hair styling, Cupcake decorating
The Beautiful Miss Banbury Cross

The final part of the night was the bingo prize draw, with great prizes donated from a range of great businesses including Little Miss B, Pip Jolley and Illamasqua. I was lucky enough to be drawn as the winner of a lovely necklace donated by Pip Jolley!

My Pip Jolley Necklace prize!

I had such a lovely evening, I can’t believe I ever considered not going (I did nearly chicken out)! It was such a great event, organised by great ladies for a great lipstick! It was such a friendly, sociable event, with a wonderfully selected guest list, fun activities that really got everyone involved and the blogger bingo was a really inspired idea. I only wish I had more hair so I could have got involved in the vintage hair styling!
I am so grateful for being invited and for having the opportunity to socialise with other bloggers. I really want to thank ReeRee and Zoe for throwing such a fantastic party and all the ladies who helped make the event so much fun.
If you are a blogger then I really recommend you try and get involved in some blog events; everyone gets nervous but it always works out for the best! I’m currently trying to decide if I can go to TOWIB in a few weeks time.
I am too poor to be able to own a Rockalily lipstick myself at the moment, but I’ve never heard a bad word about their lipsticks, from the colours to the packaging to the wear. You should definitely check them out here.

I hope you are well, I will really try and blog again this week ­čÖé

My Weekend (Mostly) In Pictures: Cake-Pops and Clothes

I decided to give myself a break from work over the weekend and get involved in some things I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

On Saturday, I broke out my cakepop maker, that my sister bought me for Christmas. It wasn’t the first time I’ve used it, but I didn’t take pictures last time! I’m really impressed with it. It’s so simple to use and cooks so quickly. I like cakepops, they’re really cute, but I’ve never been able to get them right with the crumbled cake and frosting method. This bypasses that and just cooks the cake mix into a ball shape! So there’s less faffing around making the cake balls and more time for decorating!
My Cake Pop Maker
Tiny Spherical Cakes
Jammy Cake Pops


I added some sprinkles into the cake mix for fun, putting little colourful flecks throughout the cake ­čÖé I’m still experimenting with decoration. Last time I tried standard icing, which didn’t work at all, fondant icing, which worked but was very time consuming and melted dark chocolate, which was the easiest. This time I tried vegan white chocolate, which I was initially disappointed with, but looked better when set, chocolate frosting, which was messy but worked and just rolled in sugar, which was very easy! The ones rolled in sugar also had jam inside, which I did using my new fancy injector nozzle for my piping bag ­čÖé
That wasn’t the end of my cake related activity. On Saturday evening we went to a 30th birthday party that had a kid’s party theme. There were so many sweets, treats, snacks and cakes! I came away with this beautiful cupcake (I was too full to eat it on the night!), which has further inspired me to improve my cupcake decorating skills.


On Sunday, I moved from baking onto sewing, and got back to work on the dress that I started ages ago! Ideally, I’m hoping to wear it to ZOMGbloggersbash next Monday, but I’m not sure I’m going to get it finished on time. I’d already cut out most of the pattern pieces, so it was mostly just sewing the pieces together, which is quite nerve racking as I’m not the most accomplished seamstress (my most used tool is my seam ripper!). It took me quite a while to get started, but managed to sew together most of the top, both the sleeves and the skirt before I was hit with a mega headache and had to stop. I’ve been taking pictures along the way and will write a blog post about the whole process when I’m done.
My silver chick pincushion, a present from my grandparents

After lying down for a few hours, dosing myself up with paracetamol and then stuffing myself with pizza, I felt a bit better. We spent the evening with out recently engaged friends, talking weddings, playing board games and eating apple and blackberry pie. It was a really lovely end to a great weekend ­čśÇ

Finally, I wanted to welcome all my new followers and thank you all for reading my blog!
Hopefully I won’t be too busy with work to post again this week.
Lots of Love,

She was a skater girl

Well, I wasn’t actually ever a skater girl. I went through a grungy stage, but bypassed the actual skating.

Anyway, the title actually refers to the skater dress I wore today. I’ve been so busy of late that some of the longer posts I have planned, but I wanted to get something posted, so you’ll have to deal with looking at what I wore today.
I’m still getting used to posting outfits with big pics of myself, and how to photograph myself properly. But, these things take practice.
Dress; Boohoo. Long Sleeve Top; New Look. Belt; eBay, Tights; M&S, Boots; Underground England
I actually bought this dress a while ago, but haven’t got around to wearing it until today. I tried it on as an option for going out on Saturday night, but decided it was more suited to daytime, so I broke it out for work today instead.┬á
I’ve looked at a lot of skater dresses in recent months; I like how simple they are, easy to style, versatile and with quite full skirts. I bought a couple from Prodigy Red before this one but was disappointed as they were far too short and really tight across my boobs.
However, this one I love. For a start, it’s leopard print, so it’s already scoring highly in my books. The fabric is really nice, it’s soft and has a good weight which makes it great for this time of year and also adds to how nicely the skirt moves. I like that it is still quite feminine but without being too floaty and girly, which isn’t very me and wouldn’t be too appropriate for my work.
The dress is actually sleeveless, so I’m wearing it here with a long sleeve black top underneath to keep out the cold (and because I’m not the biggest fan of my arms). It did come with its own belt, which is thinner than the one I’m wearing here, but I love this belt and wear it whenever I can. The dress is pretty flattering in itself with the way the skater skirt skims my hips and kicks out at the bottom, but the belt just reinforces that with a properly cinched waist. The tights are partly necessity, as while it’s not too cold it’s also not exactly warm, but also personal preference as that much leg would be a bit much at work!
Anyway, that’s enough about me for now.
Hope you are well,


In a large-cat-growling sort of way, not an expression of annoyance.

I accidentally bought a new dress on eBay this evening, a leopard print swing style dress. I say accidentally. I found the dress earlier this afternoon and left the window open for me to make up my mind about later. By the time I remembered to check on it there were only about 45 seconds remaining, and the dress was super cheap at ┬ú7.50! In my mini-panic at realising it was about to finish I thought I’d put on a bid, only ┬ú8, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be the winning bid. With 5 seconds remaining my bid was made and I was the highest bidder. As it’s only ┬ú8 plus p&p it’s not the end of the world, but last minute eBay bidding can get you into trouble and I really shouldn’t do it.

I decided to have a go at some Do-It-Yourself nail art this afternoon. I’ve always loved fancy and elaborate nails, but never been particularly good with nail varnish (usually smudging it while still applying it or chipping it in less than 24 hours) and nail salons are intimidating and expensive, plus I don’t want ridiculous acrylic extensions, just a funky paint job.
Now, my nail varnish collection isn’t exactly extensive, but my assortment of acrylic paints is, so I decided I’d use a nail varnish as my base colour, but apply the design with paint (which is a medium I’m much more comfortable working in anyway). I went for some obvious inspiration, my love of leopard print, pop art and comic books, and this was the result

DSC00078 DSC00074

The base coat in M&S basic nail colour in Plastic Pink. The acrylic paint does show up brush strokes a lot, but a top coat of clear nail varnish makes them less noticable and gives a more nail varnish like finish.
Now these are the pictures of my left hand, which was reasonably easy to do. My right hand was significantly more difficult, but hasn’t worked out too badly considering.
I’m hoping that the acrylic paint and top coat will help prevent too much chipping too soon, but knowing me, it’ll probably be damaged by the end of tomorrow. If it does that’ll just be a good excuse to try something else! Doing my own nail art was fun (and cheap!).

Hope you had a good weekend,