Get the Look (Beauty)

Last week I put up a post about Look Beauty finally being available online, having launched their own website.
I’ve been waiting for Look Beauty to be available online pretty much since in launched towards the end of last year, but no Superdrug near me stocked it and , despite regularly asking, they never got around to putting it on their website. So, when I heard they had got their own website, I headed straight over and started picking out things to try!
While I haven’t been able to try or even see any of the range ‘in the flesh’, I’ve seen and heard plenty about it online – through both the Look Beauty Facebook page and other blogs.
I was most keen to try out their Nail Pop nail polishes, as I’m a bit of a nail polish addict, and their Double Hit Lip lipstick and gloss, as I liked the novel combination of lipstick and gloss in one product. In the end I ordered 2 Nail Pops, one in a pinky-coral shade called Ribbon and another in a purple shade called Flares, and a Double Hit Lip in Pink Punch, a bright hot pink 🙂
Delivery was really quick, especially as we’ve had the epic Easter Bank Holiday weekend, and it was nice to get my hands on my products so quickly! They arrived a few days ago now, so I’ve had a bit of time to play with them. As I was one of the first 100 people to place an order through the site I also received a free Stretch Factor mascara!

The nail polishes were the first thing I tried out. It’s been ages since I last painted my nails, partly because I’m a bit bored of all the colours I have and don’t think any of them are particularly Spring-y. I like these two shades, they feel quite spring appropriate but without being too pastely, I’m still not convinced I can pull of pastels. The polishes have quite a thin consistency, not that that’s a bad thing, it’s easy to start off with a thin coat and then build up. I often find I make an awful mess with thick polishes anyway. I got a good opaque finish in 2 coats still. They dry really quite quickly and have a really high gloss finish, although I would be interested to see them under a matte top coat too. I only painted them yesterday, so they haven’t had to suffer much wear and tear, although I did do the washing up earlier and they’re still fine!

I bloody love the Double Hit Lip!! The colour is fab and the product is easy to use. I was expecting the lipstick to give a bit more of a matte finish, but I still like the slight gloss it has. I’ve been wearing the lippy with gloss over the top all day and have only reapplied once, after lunch, so it’s standing up quite well. It definitely wouldn’t last long in kissing situations though :/ I think, personally, I would always use the two together, but you can easily mix it up between just lipstick, just gloss or combining them.

The mascara is also really nice. I don’t actually change mascara brand a lot, I’ve been using Max Factor Masterpiece or Masterpiece Max for ages. I like the formula, the brush and the finish. I often can’t get on with mascaras with standard brushes anymore. The Look Beauty Stretch Factor has a variation on the Max Factor type brush being made of plastic ‘spikes’ rather than the more traditional bristles. I find I get a more even application, fewer clumps and better lash definition with these brushes. The Stretch Factor brush is also a bit strange having longer spikes on one side, for upper lashes, and short on the other, for corners and lower lashes (I presume anyway). Given how devoted I have been to Max Factor, the fact that I’m impressed by this one is actually a really good sign!

Please excuse my awful eyebrows :/

So, overall, I’m really impressed with Look Beauty. I will be making many more purchases in future (maybe not this month though :/). Has anyone else checked out their website yet?

On another note; what do you think of the slideshow? I was just messing around with new features I found on Photobucket, is it too much?

Hope you’re well,


NOTD: Dotty about Coral

Here’s a quick nail post for you.
I treated myself to a set of nail art tools at the end of January, well thy were only £2.69 on eBay (here). They’re pretty useful, a set of five double ended sticks with different sized ends for doing different dots, stripes, patterns and (apparently) marbeling.
I used Rimmel 60 seconds in Instyle Coral and Models Own Snow White. Having had icey blue nails for the past week, combined with the icey temperatures, I thought I’d go for something a bit brighter this time! I really like the coral shade, it’s a lot more pink than it looks it the photo, which is how I like my corals.
Both polishes are really easy to use and quick drying, although you have to take care with the white to get an even coverage. The tools are also really easy to use, well, for dots anyway! I even got my right hand looking pretty decent.
I apologise for the poor lighting in the photos, the lights in my flat are so bad for photography 😦

Hope you are all having a good weekend. I believe it is snowing in a lot of the country; we don’t get snow here very often, so we’re stuck with cold rain instead.

Absolutely Shattered

Today, I tried out my new OPI shatter polish in gold, that came in my December JolieBox.
I don’t own any other OPI polishes, largely due to the price, but have been aware of the brand ever since I first heard about their Muppets collection (want). I have also never used a shatter polish before, but have been interested in trying one out for a while, so I was really pleased when I found this in my box.
While gold isn’t a colour I wear a lot of, this polish is so pretty and just screams Christmas, so I’ve been eager to try it ever since it arrived!


Here I’m wearing a No7 polish in Damson Dream underneath the shatter polish. I liked the combination of the deep purple-toned red under the gold, especially during the festive period 🙂 I’ve also got a top coat on top here, which I don’t always do, as suggested on the bottle, and it did really increase the shine and sparkle of the gold.

The OPI polish was really easy to apply, with a good brush and consistency. The shatter effect developed a lot quicker than I was expecting and was fun to watch. I think I would buy more OPI polishes in future, if I’m feeling flush!

This months JolieBox (actually the first UK JolieBox, previously known as Boudoir Prive) was really impressive. While the (full size) polish is probably my favourite product, the others were all also really exciting. Unfortunately, I’ve had to leave the rest of the box at home while I’m away for Christmas so can’t play with or write about the rest of the box yet.

Hope you are all getting in a festive mood. These nails have definitely helped me 🙂

Painting Fun

I was playing with my new nail varnishes this evening.
I’ve gone with a base of Rimmel Portobello Pink with polka dots in Rimmel Silver Bullet.


The Silver Bullet wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. It was a bit too thin and translucent for good polka dots. I just about managed to over come it by applying a few coats, but that was fiddly, getting dots right once is hard enough!
I’m very pleased with the results, shame it’ll only last a day or two :/

Hope you’re well,


In a large-cat-growling sort of way, not an expression of annoyance.

I accidentally bought a new dress on eBay this evening, a leopard print swing style dress. I say accidentally. I found the dress earlier this afternoon and left the window open for me to make up my mind about later. By the time I remembered to check on it there were only about 45 seconds remaining, and the dress was super cheap at £7.50! In my mini-panic at realising it was about to finish I thought I’d put on a bid, only £8, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be the winning bid. With 5 seconds remaining my bid was made and I was the highest bidder. As it’s only £8 plus p&p it’s not the end of the world, but last minute eBay bidding can get you into trouble and I really shouldn’t do it.

I decided to have a go at some Do-It-Yourself nail art this afternoon. I’ve always loved fancy and elaborate nails, but never been particularly good with nail varnish (usually smudging it while still applying it or chipping it in less than 24 hours) and nail salons are intimidating and expensive, plus I don’t want ridiculous acrylic extensions, just a funky paint job.
Now, my nail varnish collection isn’t exactly extensive, but my assortment of acrylic paints is, so I decided I’d use a nail varnish as my base colour, but apply the design with paint (which is a medium I’m much more comfortable working in anyway). I went for some obvious inspiration, my love of leopard print, pop art and comic books, and this was the result

DSC00078 DSC00074

The base coat in M&S basic nail colour in Plastic Pink. The acrylic paint does show up brush strokes a lot, but a top coat of clear nail varnish makes them less noticable and gives a more nail varnish like finish.
Now these are the pictures of my left hand, which was reasonably easy to do. My right hand was significantly more difficult, but hasn’t worked out too badly considering.
I’m hoping that the acrylic paint and top coat will help prevent too much chipping too soon, but knowing me, it’ll probably be damaged by the end of tomorrow. If it does that’ll just be a good excuse to try something else! Doing my own nail art was fun (and cheap!).

Hope you had a good weekend,