How should I feel about Anti-Wrinkle Creams?

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m 26 (rapidly heading towards 27) and have a bit of an obsession with my skin and how a 26-year-old should be looking after theirs.
I’ve touched on the idea of more ‘grown up’ skin care before, and speculated about using anti-ageing creams, although, as yet, I’ve still not bought one. However, as a result of my beauty box subscriptions, I am increasingly getting the feeling that the beauty industry is strongly of the opinion that someone my age should definitely be using some sort of fancy potion to ward off any future signs of ageing. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

A selection of the anti-ageing product samples I have been given

The angry, self-righteous feminist in me wants to scream and shout about how the media/beauty industry shouldn’t dictate what beauty is, what I should look like or what I should plaster on my skin, and when. Surely, my ageing status and desire/requirement to use any beauty product is my own decision? Then there’s the more, rational and realistic (but still feminist) side of me that wants to look my best now and in the future, accepts that anti-wrinkle creams will likely play a part in that at some point sooner or later and that my beauty knowledge can be somewhat lacking.
Up until now, I’ve put all my anti-ageing samples to one side and ignored them, clinging on to my right to be youthful, young-at-heart and not having to think about wrinkles. But now I’m getting paranoid, if these people who know about beauty products think I should be using something in the anti-ageing line, maybe I should be. Maybe, if I don’t start soon, I’ll look like one of those wrinkly dogs by the time I’m 40! Maybe it’s already too late!

Picture from Pinterest

Ok, so I’m not quite that paranoid yet, but I have decided to start giving the creams a try. Unfortunately, as these treatments are meant to be pre-emptive, it’s kind of hard to judge their effects. Plus, as I’m only going to be using samples, I’ll be chopping and changing products, so I’ve no idea if they’re still going to work.

Do any of you use any sort of anti-ageing product? What do you use and when did you start?

To be honest, if I had any spare money to be spending on these things, I’d probably just get something from the Boots Protect and Perfect range, as I’ve heard good things about that. For now, random samples of otherwise expensive products is all I’ve got.


Living In my Skin

A while ago I wrote a post about my realisation that, at 26, I probably shouldn’t still be using the same skin care regime as when I was a teenager (here). At the time I was suffering from a particularly bad skin period and my knee-jerk reaction was to resort to my old habits and throw witch-hazel, tea tree and salicylic acid at my face in an attempt to rid myself of my blemishes. So, it seems I still hadn’t fully learnt my lesson!
Since writing that post I’ve taken on advice from friends and the internet and am now much more aware of how I should be treating my mid-twenties skin. I needed to let go of my teen spot treatments and embrace a more age appropriate way of caring for my skin.
At first, I assumed that getting a more suitable, twenty-something skin care range meant spending more money. Dermalogica was recommended to me. I was aware of Dermalogica and, through GlossyBox, have tried a few of their products. However, my current tight budget didn’t really allow for that kind of expense (at least £60 for cleanser, toner and moisturiser!). In the end I settled for Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-Step System at £30.

In general, I was pretty satisfied that the products were better for my skin than anything I was using before. My skin was definitely clearer, not totally flawless, but I wasn’t expecting a miracle!
I found the cleansing foam a little strange, I’m not sure what the benefit of it being a foam was, but it did cleanse my skin nicely. For the first week or so I used all three products religiously day and night, but after a while I started skipping the clarifying lotion as I found it could be quite drying. The moisturiser was good, but it came in such a small tube I was scared to use too much and often would supplement with the cheap Boots Simply Sensitive moisturiser I featured in the last skin post, which I am very impressed with (especially at £2.79 for 125ml).

While I wasn’t particularly unhappy with the range, I wasn’t overwhelmed either and was open to the idea of trying something else. So, when I read this post by The Sunday Girl, I was very excited and placed my order almost straight away.

This collection is half the price of the Clinique set, or less if you get it on 3 for 2 like I managed to!
While I liked the Clinique range, I love this one (yes the price does influence that a little). Even after the first use my skin felt so soft, I was honestly stroking my cheeks! Having been using the products for a while, they are definitely keeping my blemishes at bay, again not completely flawless, but still great results, and aren’t at all drying like the Clinique range was. It’s another foaming cleanser, which I’m getting used to the idea of, at least this one is a bit thicker than the Clinique one. I’ve only used the scrub a few times as I only need it once a week, twice at most, and find it works well. The moisturiser is also nice, light,easily absorbed and non-oily, plus it’s got the added benefit of SPF 15 (important for preventing skin damage and premature aging).  The whole range smells really nice and fresh, definitely not chemically, which I think is part of the point of the Botanics range. From what I can tell, the ingredients are also a bit more natural than a lot of skin care products too.
The Sunday Girl had a toner from the same range, which I would really like, but I couldn’t find it online. If I can get my hands on that then this range will be pretty much perfect in my mind and I think I’ll be sticking with it for a while.
Another win for more budget orientated beauty!

Any other suggestions for great, reasonably priced beauty and skin care finds are always welcome!